Video Links

  • The Oil Farmer. CBC, The National. 4:00 minutes, October 22, 2012
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  • Fairbank Oil Fields 19th Century Technology. YouTube. Jane Austin. 11 minutes
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  • Fairbank Oil Fields Jerker System. YouTube. Jane Austin. 5.3 minutes
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Written for the Public

  • Ontario’s Petroleum Legacy: The birth, evolution and challenges of a global industry
    by Earle Gray
    2008 Heritage Community Foundation Edmonton, Alberta
    Printed by Brown’s Graphics & Printing Inc., Petrolia, ON
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  • Petrolia 1866-1966
    by Charles Whipp and Edward Phelps
    1966 Published by The Petrolia Advertiser-Topic and the Petrolia Centennial Committee Petrolia, ON
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  • The Oil Field of Canada West
    New York Times, April 2, 1866, page 8
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  • The Town of World Travellers
    by Victor Lauriston
    Macleans Magazine, May 1, 1924
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Reports, Journals & Books

  • Oil Springs, Ontario: The Living Breathing Dinosaur
    Essay by Charles Fairbank
    The International Association for Preservation Technology (APT) Bulletin
    Volume XLIX, No.1, 2018
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  • Lambton County Oil Heritage Conservation District Study, 2010
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  • Appendix to Lambton County Oil Heritage District Study, 2010
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  • The Great Canadian Oil Patch, The Petroleum Era from Birth to Peak,
    By Earle Gray
    JuneWarren Publishing Ltd. Edmonton, AB, 2005
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  • Report of the Royal Commission on the Mineral Resources of Ontario and Measures for their Development 1890
    Warwick & Sons, Toronto, ON
    See pages 153-167 for Petroleum section on early technology of Oil Springs and Petrolia.
    See page 160 for Foreign Drillers.
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  • Sketches of Creation,
    by Alexander Winchell, 1870
    Printed by Harper & Brothers, Publishers, New York, U.S.A.
    See pages 286-287, 443-444 for the 32 Flowing Wells of Oil Springs, Ontario in 1862.
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  • Oil Heritage Tour of Lambton County: The Birthplace of the Canadian Oil Industry
    By Robert O. Cocherane & Charles O. Fairbank
    Ontario Petroleum institute, London, ON, 2000
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  • Early and Later History of Petroleum
    By J.T. Henry
    Jas. B. Rodgers Co., Printers, Philadelphia, 1873
    See pages 113-128 – Oil Fields of America
    See pages 129-139 – The Canadian Oil Fields
    See pages 140-179 – Foreign Oil Fields
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  • Petroleum Technology in Ontario During the 1860s
    By Dr. Norman Ball
    Master Thesis, University of Toronto, 1972
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Books in Print

A number of books listed in link below may be purchased at the Oil Museum of Canada in Oil Springs.

Oil Museum of Canada gift shop
  • Canada’s Victorian Oil Town, The Transformation of Petrolia from a Resource Town into a Victorian Community
    by Christina Burr
    McGill-Queen’s University Press, Montreal PQ and Kingston ON, 2006
  • The Story of Fairbank Oil: Four Generations of the Family Producing Oil Longer than Anyone in the World
    by Patricia McGee
    Words Unlimited Ink, Brown’s Printing, Petrolia, ON, 2004
  • Ontario’s Petroleum Legacy: The birth, evolution and challenges of a global industry
    by Earle Gray
    Heritage Community Foundation, Edmonton, AB, 2008
  • Hard Oiler! The Story of Early Canadians’ Quest for Oil at Home and Abroad
    by Gary May
    Dundurn Press, Toronto, ON, 1998
  • Rivers of Oil
    by Hope Morritt
    Quarry Press, Inc., Kingston, ON, 1993


  • The Oil Heritage Tour of Lambton County: The Birthplace of the Canadian Oil Industry
    By Robert O. Cochrane and Charles O. Fairbank
    Ontario Petroleum Institute Inc, printed by KKP Sarnia ON, 2000
  • 19th Century Petroleum Technology in North America
    by Emory L. Kemp and Michael W. Caplinger
    Sponsored by the Institute for the History of Technology and Industrial Archaeology & Charles Fairbank Properties, 2007
  • Early Development of Oil Technology, Oil Tools and Stories
    by Wanda Pratt and Phil Morningstar
    Sponsored by the Oil Museum of Canada, Oil Springs ON 1987

Reference Books

  • Lambton County’s Hundred Years 1849-1949
    by Victor Lauriston Haines
    Frontier Printing Company, Sarnia, ON, 1949
  • John Henry Fairbank of Petrolia, 1831-1914, A Canadian Entrepreneur
    by Edwards Phelps
    Unpublished, available at the Lambton County Archives, Wyoming, ON, 1965