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Vanishing Views

As spring foliage emerges, certain views of Fairbank Oil Fields disappear from sight. Here are four views that we will not see again for many months:

Our Moon Shot

It would be easy to think this was the sun setting to the west. But this rare sight was very early morning and it is the setting of spring’s full moon, the Pink Moon.

The Jerker Line Bridge

Invisible to summer visitors coming up our entrance laneway, our jerker line bridge spans Black Creek. This photo is taken from the west, looking toward our laneway. The jerker line bridge connects the oil wells north of the creek to power source, the Orchard Rig.
Photo by Larry Cornelis

The Evoy Well’s Three-Pole Derrick

On our Nature Trail, we showcase the Jury and Evoy Well, one of the 32 great flowing wells of 1862 which produced a prolific amount of oil. A wooden stair takes visitors down to the viewing platform. We added a three-pole derrick to show what it would have looked like in those days. In summer, the tree foliage will obscure this view from above.

The Wild Turkey Strut

In early spring, big wild turkeys are everywhere here. The tom turkeys strut about with their 18-tail feathers in full fan to impress the ladies. The toms will mate with as many females as it can, unlike the Canada Goose which partners for life.